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Our services

I believe that the life is full of opportunities and it’s up to us what we make out of it. I’m convinced that there are several good solutions to a situation and we find new ways with enthusiasm and passion.

For companies
Human resources management
For individuals

For companies

Human resources management

What makes it unique, thus my background

Having a degree in economics I started my career in the financial field, which was about as close to me as the gentle prey acquisition of an eagle. Luckily, I realized very quickly that if I want to capitalize on what’s in me, I’ll achieve it among people instead of the world of numbers. So I switched to the field of human resources. I have 15+ years of management experience gained in a mix of multinational and startup companies. I also got to know the operation of the agency from the point of view of recruitment and selection, and I have been working independently in my own business since recently. I had the opportunity to experience the operation of companies with hundreds of employees and a handful of staff as well, I managed to build cooperation in both hierarchical and more flexible organizations. I understand and adapt well to the international environment. I am at home in the world of human resources, I have dealt with all its sub-areas. Due to my creative self, it is close to me to create new processes as well as improve existing ones. I easily create an atmosphere of trust that allows me to effectively build community, increase motivation and commitment. In addition to my experience, I have earned a coach qualification where I support my clients with both business and personal topics to move forward successfully. In the field of HR I have 15+ years of experience in the fields listed below:

  • HR strategy building
  • Establishing HR processes
  • Forming and installing HR policies
  • Resctructuring HR processes and building up metrices (analytics, built-in control), supporting IT system development from an HR perspective
  • Legal compliance support (employment contracts, policies)
  • Building and following up on HR budget
  • Employer tasks (eg.: conflict management, performance issues, work safety)
  • Human resources needs planning, analyzing positions and competencies
  • Recruitment and selection process management, including the delivery of assessment centers at international level, personal interviews
  • Onboarding process, the new joiners’ integration to the company
  • Establishing of compensation structure, incentive system, employee retention programs
  • Monitoring employee engagement (including surveys and analysis) and working on boosting employee satisfaction 
  • Building a cohesive community
  • Strengthening employer branding
  • Building up and coordinating performance management processes
  • Creating and being responsible for the delivery management of yearly learning and development activities (incl: group/individual trainings, workshops, developemnt centers, knowledge forums)
  • Building up talent management programs
  • Succession planning and monitoring
  • Organizing leadership development programs and coaching, mentoring
  • Internal and external company communication: newsletter content management, intranet, social media

Business coaching

As an HR person I have people in the focus of my attention and I can easily bond with others. I could quickly build a relationship of trust with my colleagues who turned to me freely with their dilemmas. This is what I rely on in coaching in business life as well. Let it be any of the following situations or a case where one’s difficulties in private life may have effects on business performance I’m ready to bring new vibe and zest to the processes and give it a good flow:

  • individual motivation
  • team dynamics, team cohesion
  • conflict handling /mediation
  • supporting the process of becoming a leader

What I believe in and what you get from me when working together:

  • Personalized service: I believe in uniqueness and individually tailored, hence I don’t provide ’off-the-shelf’ services
  • Practice-based solution: I’m convinced that if we provide a safe space for trial and error this gives us more than having a profound theoretical knowledge alone. Hands-on experience is in the center of my programmes.
  • My wide range of professional expertise supports our collaboration and empowers us thinking together: I gained professional background at various company sectors that I can use to combine and find the most suitable solution to your team/company
  • Openness: I approach all situations with acceptance and emphatethic attention that broadens the horizon and leads to further new perspectives
  • Creativity and diversity: I bring new vibe to the usual schemes
  • Humor and good mood: essential for me in everything

Business & Life coaching

Whatever you are, what you want to be, what you feel you need to change.

You also have your own story, which has made the person who faces you in the mirror today. There may be parallels with the lives of others, but like yours, there isn’t one yet. These (also) make you unique, unrepeatable and valuable.
As the mother of two wonderful children, as a working woman who aims to be successful and meaningful in her work, I live my life in many roles. I am aware of both the beauties and the difficulties of this. I believe the difficulties and trials make us stronger. I ’m conviced that change is moving us forward and that we ourselves are the key or the barrier to achieving our own happiness.

Contact me if you feel you need a new impetus in your life

Zest into anything where you feel you could do better. A few examples including but not limited to:

  • work-life balance
  • career dilemmas
  • becoming a leader
  • jobseeker support:
    • career counseling
    • mapping strengths
    • CV / LinkedIn profile review
    • interview preparation
  • balancing our roles in life: female / male – parent – working individual
  • experiencing femininity as a woman
  • loss of children
  • raising children
  • relationship dilemmas

What to expect from a coaching process?

  • The first meeting is 20 minutes and gives us a chance to get to know each other, it is free of charge


  • The number of sessions are adjusted to your dilemma, which usually ranges from 2 to 10 occassions. It also may happen that we move forward with the  process on another topic after 10th occassion. One coaching session is 60 minutes and the fee is HUF 25,000


  • Calm environment where you are in focus


For career changers and who are returning to work after a break

At regular intervals, I organize workshops (in person and online) where I welcome participants who are about to change careers or who are returning to work after a long break and need support on their journey. By illuminating their previous professional background from different aspects, we reveal what successes, competences, knowledge and strengths they possess, thereby giving them confidence and self-confidence for (re)starting. We provide the participants with an accurate picture of what they are good at, what gives them success, what they can achieve and what they should probably head towards. We build on these findings and support them how they can authentically represent these values ​​in a resume, in a job interview, or even to their clients. We carry out role exercises with continuous and personalized feedback.

In order to be able to support the participants even more specifically and precisely in the implementation of their individual plans, we have face-to-face conversations before and after the workshop. We look at where they are in their plans, if there are any blockages, and we support them in their development. We like personalize because we believe in uniqueness and own values.


Date of the next workshop: under NEWS


“It was very useful to push the limits of the comfort zone”

“A solid day with a lot of information. As much as I was afraid of it, I felt so good. It was interesting to listen to different people’s feedback and different points of view. I will be able to use what I heard here.”

“The workshop was very informative, I learned and experienced a lot, thank you for the opportunity!”

Kata is very practice-oriented. She feels comfortable using any tools. Without telling me the solution, she makes me discover and makes me say things out. She brings the problem to the ground, so it’s not unsolvable anymore, I can work with it and Kata strengthens me along the way. Using tools as a “medium” brings the situation as well as the solution closer to me.
From our conversations with Kata, it was clear that she had been dealing and communicating with people for a long time. There is "power" in her. Her radio-buzzing voice can always be understood and it is always clear what she wants to say. She writes proportionately, beautifully. One who writes beautifully also has order in her head.
I look up to Kata for her determination, persistent manner, she knows what she wants. I feel safe with her, I can open up to her.
mom and entrepreneur
When we talked to Kata, it was like a loose, casual conversation, and then she suddenly asks something that stops the air and is really very relevant and thought-provoking. It was shocking to me how much she felt about my situation and the critical / important points I had to think about.
pharmaceutical industry
I love Kata’s newsreader voice. I see her as a very determined person who I feel safe with.
horse trainer

Get in touch with me!

Signing up for a workshop? Interested in coaching? Or you have a question? Feel free to contact me using the contact form.

Kata Dömötör
  • katalin.domotor@vivida.hu
  • +36 70 679 5599